About Us

Mission Statement
Our mission at Camp Construction Co., is to always meet and to exceed our customers expectations on the execution and completion of their project. That all our customers will associate our company with being knowledgeable, affordable, honest, respectful and skilled.

Are we open to change and new ideas?
Absolutely! As a builder that wants to give you the best service, we must remain current with our understanding of changing codes, products, and techniques. We do this with continuing education in the form of courses, seminars, publications and communication with our piers.  Our clients, through us, have access to the state of the art systems and products for their project, at the best value.

How do we contract business?
Design/Build – We have had years of experience in the Design/ Build model of construction. If you know exactly what you want, or have only some vague ideas, we can help you find the best design solutions to satisfy your dreams. If you just need some great ideas to help a space or you need a full set of residential or commercial plans, we can help.

General Contract – If you already have the design and plans, Camp Construction Co. can act as your general contractor to complete the job. We can handle all the details of getting the materials on the job in a timely manner, supplying skilled craftsmen and sub-contractors.

Project Management – There are many other details we can take care of as well. Such as:

li Project Management
li Document Coordination
li Job Schedules and Management
li Cost Estimates
li Sub-Contract Administration
li Material and Product Selections
li Testing and Inspections

Do We Build Green?
The construction industry is changing in its attitudes and methods just as our world is changing in this new age of heightened awareness of our natural resources and how we live in the environment.
If we can provide a house, or any structure, that makes our clients more comfortable, healthier, improve their lifestyle, protects our environment, uses less natural resources and provides a return on their investment with savings on utilities, then we say “Yes”.

Through our continuing educations and research, we are developing construction methodologies to match our customer’s needs, and our regional climate. 


 Camp Construction Co., Inc , P.O. Box 578, Graham, Texas, 76450, Visit www.campconst.net. Call 940/549/1225, Email campconst@att.net Serving; Graham Texas, Possum Kingdom Lake, Breckenridge Texas, Newcastle Texas, Olney Texas,  Archer City Texas, Loving Texas, Windthorst Texas, Bryson Texas, Jacksboro Texas, Graford Texas , Mineral Wells Texas.